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How to ensure the safety of the use of the plug sockets, converters

Announcer:Dachang  Time:2018-05-08

Plug sockets, converters, quality is bad is the cause of electrical fire is an important cause. The quality problem of the small plug sockets, converters, for the vast number of consumers' personal and property security pose a serious hazard. Therefore, consumers in the choose and buy when plug sockets, converters, switch, should focus on the safety of products, and influence the safety of basically has the following performance metrics:
Logo is instructions for correct installation, use and maintenance of important basis, is to ensure that the personal property security is very important content of safety standards. Plug socket products should be in the obvious position with rated current, rated voltage, power, etc. In addition, the converter (converter refers to only one plug part and one or more socket part together portable electrical accessories) products to use "MAX (or maximum)" symbol to mark the rated current or power, used to guide the user to avoid overload. Mark or symbol should be durable, clear. Should not use screen printing and paper can be erased easily.
Rating is to ensure that the plug and socket converter connected with the electrical appliances, security, cooperate with normal use of the most basic electrical swaps with parameters. Such as: rated current of the converter shall not be greater than the rated capacity of the plug part. Otherwise, may cause the user according to the rated current matching electric appliance socket, plug over current hot and dangerous; Converter with fuse, overload protector minimum rating shall be equal to the rating of the fuse, overload protector on. Otherwise, the product damage may occur.
Size is related to plug and socket converter can safe use, whether to meet the requirements of general interchangeability to avoid inserted an important technical requirements. Unqualified size will affect the users to use or produce the hidden trouble, such as poor contact, inserted light make the equipment damage, it will produce fires and electric shock accidents.
Protection against electric shock
Is to ensure that the plug sockets, converters, protection against electric shock under normal use, and even some unexpected circumstances, will not result in the user and others to get an electric shock accident of a key safety indicators. When the plug and socket inserts the timeliness, in whole or in part by the plug of the electric parts should not touch; Plug any bolt in other bolt is in a state of, should not charged plug set plug and socket. Took the protection plug socket, converter should be able to prevent the unipolar or insert a probe.
Socket plug set of components should be enough flexibility, to ensure that the plug bolt have sufficient contact pressure. Set should be corrosion resistance and wear resistance, to ensure that the plug and socket inserted some good contacts; Plug bolt should be locked, can't rotate, otherwise it will affect the insert performance and produce unsafe factors; Converter has flexible wire fixing device, to ensure that the cord is fixed, can withstand normal tension and torsion and so on; Between plug and socket inserted timeliness, plug surface should be basic, in order to prevent electric shock accidents.
The power cord
Cross section area of the power cord should be enough to ensure that the power cord will not cause a short circuit, fire insulation heat lead to damage, leakage and cause an accident. Such as: common 250 v, 10 a converter of the power cord was cross-sectional area should be greater than or equal to 0.75.
Mechanical strength
Plug socket should have a sufficient mechanical strength to withstand fall occurring in the process of installation and use, impact and extrusion of all kinds of mechanical stress; Socket with protective door should be able to prevent the unipolar insert.
Heat resistant and flame retardant
High temperature had a great influence on properties of the insulating materials, insulation materials under high temperature conditions, will change the nature of its structure and properties, this change is decided to the reliability of the materials used, some of the material in the high temperature will gradually become soft, mechanical strength decreased, this will affect the quality of the plug socket and safe in use. In addition, the plug socket insulation should have certain flame retardant performance. Otherwise, the product in use and one thousand fire will arise.
Understand the security performance of the plug socket, when buying and using, grasp the following points to ensure the safety of your family and property:
A choice: choose the regular department stores, supermarkets or stores, choose the brand products; Select (matching) according to the use of electric power products, such as: air conditioner, power showers, and other products should choose 16 a plug socket, other small power electrical appliances choose 10 a plug socket.
2: look at the product mark whether complete, for CCC authentication marks.
Three check: check certificate and inspection report issued by the legal department. Products not listed in the compulsory certification such as converter, when the choose and buy should check the inspection report issued by legal inspection institution.
Four test: for simple experiment, plug in the socket should be good contact, no loose sense, and not too hard to pull out.
. Note: do not choose bolt can rotate the plug or artificially change the shape of the plug; Do not use on a socket at the same time two large power electronics; Found the plug socket and power temperature too high or lighter, should stop to use and replace.
Big prosperous sockets, converters, production of electric company has successively passed the sa8000 international social responsibility and the national compulsory 3 c certification, quality strict on eliminating 3 without the product from the quality, make each product to customers with safe!


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