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Purpose of the enterprise——science and technology industrial, quality create brand, the good faith management, the pursuit of excellence.

Enterprise idea
——talent is the root of the enterprise, management is the foundation of enterprise; Innovation is the soul of the enterprise, the good faith is the standard for business enterprises.

Service tenet
——wholeheartedly provide users with high quality service and qualified products!

The spirit of enterprise
——solidarity, expanding, work hard, keep pace with The Times.

Enterprise slogan
——the future beyond forever

The quality concept
——no I have had my best

Humanistic concept
——the family, harmonious

Marketing concept
——row, deep tillage, take root

Enterprise policy
——professional, focused, concentrate

Concept of choose and employ persons
——not stick to one pattern, a meritocracy

Innovative concept
——mechanism innovation, management innovation, technological innovation, marketing innovation.

Business philosophy
—— the social satisfaction, customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction.

Management concept
——service, collaborative, and unity.

Professional quality
——work, work, sincerity, dedication.

Operation strategy
——adhere to the science and technology enterprise, specialized and stronger, do big internationalization.

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