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Attaches great importance to the safety socket Avoid fire accident

Announcer:Dachang  Time:2018-05-08

Socket is the main equipment, you can use at ordinary times in life, there are switch, socket error using cause fire accidents. What are the common problems?
First of all, socket was pinned under or combustible dust fall into cause short circuit, or installed in inflammable and explosive dangerous places, insert or remove the spark plug when easy cause burst into flames.
Second, plug damage does not change in time, replace the plug with bare wire head, cause a short circuit or spark, will cause a fuel fire.
And home appliances working voltage and electric current and used by the power socket is not consistent, once the temperature is too high will cause a fire.
Finally is the charging device inserted in the socket is not drawn for a long time, will accelerate ageing plug, produce safe hidden trouble.

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